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Why do people suffer lack in the midst of plenty? "My people perish for lack of knowledge". Wealth is not solely as a result of natural resources, else Africa would have been the wealthiest continent on earth, and Japan would have been the poorest, because they have almost no mineral resource. But Japan is the third richest nation on earth.
Human resources is true wealth, no wonder entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, have a fortune that is larger than the wealth of several African countries combined. Millionaires Academy has a simple job. Unlocking the infinite potential in the African child through training, mentorship and support. When we develop ourselves just like our western counterparts, and then back it up with our immense natural resources, then you will begin to see a future where Africa will become once again the pride of the world. After all, civilization started from us.
The train just started. Don't be left behind.

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Lagos, Nigeria.

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